Meet the Pastor Image

Greetings!  My name is Brent Stouffer and I am privileged to be the pastor here at Marion First UMC.  It is my sincerest hope that you have found a relationship with Christ and are part of a thriving community of faith. If not, consider yourself invited to come and see what is going on here in Marion.  

One of the great joys as a pastor is to be in ministry with people who are solid, decent folks who not only have faith but live it.  What I mean by this is that it's easy to talk the talk of love, grace, mercy, compassion, and hospitality, and it's another thing to walk the walk.  Here you find a group of people who are genuinely loving and have allowed the gospel to penetrate their hearts and who do their best to embrace the world with that spirit.

My personal journey has taken me many places as a result of following Christ.   I have worked with just about every age, and been part of programs and projects that enter into most walks of life.   As a result I have learned that in every heart there is a combination of God's grace working and spilling out freely as well as places in need of growth and more grace to transform us more into who God calls us to be.

None of us are exempt from the call to speak the love in our hearts into the world, nor from allowing God to work on us to bring us into new and better ways of being.   We're all in this journey together and in community is where I believe God works best.    Particularly in a community of faith that encourages us to use our gifts, loves us in our imperfection, and walks with us as we move on towards perfection with God's help.   Communities like the one here at Marion First UMC.