Marion First United Methodist Church has been a staple in Marion since the 1800s.  Through the years, as with all congregations there have been ebbs and flows, stability and change.  Formerly a United Brethren congregation we were part of the merger in 1968 that brought several denominations together forming the United Methodist Church. 

Part of what it means to be United Methodist is to have a balance between evangelism and a call for social holiness and justice.   The congregation today embodies this spirit well.   With a profound respect for scripture, a heart for mission, and above all a desire to truly exhibit the welcome, love, and mercy of Jesus, we seek to engage those around us in a way that transforms the world by inviting others into a life of discipleship.

Here at Marion First UMC you will find a community of faith that both respects tradition, and also recognizes the need to continue moving forward as the world around us progresses.   This is reflected in our worship, which includes both an informal service using more contemporary music as well as a traditional service that is musically centered around beloved hymns. In both, there remains the spirit of community to know one another, pray for and with one another, and receive God's word in powerful and profound ways.

God has worked to build and mold countless lives through the many years of history of our congregation. We believe that God will continue to do so for many years more as we strive to hold to the central understandings of our faith as well as stay connected and in community with a world heading forever forward.