10/12/2017 Building Has Begun!

If you drive past our property, you will see a mess! We apologize for this, and hope our neighbors will be patient with us. Years of cautious discussion and pain-staking planning have led to this point, and the new building is going up! A well-reputed building contractor has been hired, and we are pleased with the progress.

The congregation is determined to fully utilize this facility to serve the Marion community. The gears are in motion for a summer schedule of new events that will be offered to the public.

Our new addition will include a covered drop-off entry, a large foyer for visiting before and after services, an access door to the back of the sanctuary and a new nursery near this door, mail-level bathrooms that are 100% handicap-friendly, a large multi-purpose room, and a commercial-grade kitchen. 



Everything is underway to begin building an exciting addition onto our church building! This new wing will include a covered entryway off of the parking lot, a large gathering area including a doorway into the back of our sanctuary, handicapped accessible bathrooms on the ground floor, a new nursery, and a large multi-purpose room with a fully equipped kitchen adjacent. It is our desire to become better equipped to serve our membership and our community. Our people have come forward  to make this dream a reality in a way that is nothing short of miraculous. It is clear that God is doing something very special here at Marion FUMC, and we are excited!


Our church has acquired a new parsonage which has been completely renovated, according to the requirements of the Susquehanna UM Conference. Our new minister, Brent Stouffer, along with his wife Sarah and their two children will be living there.